Warrior On The Edge Of Time

Vinyl variants

The vinyl issue of Warrior is particularly confusing - some territories got the fold-down sleeve and picture inner, others got a single sleeve with a plain inner. Some got a red colour inner, others got it in black & white. New Zealand issued it as a gatefold. Japan issued it in a single sleeve with an insert featuring sleeve notes and lyrics, plus a poster.

US Atco single sleeve (1975) - back
US Atco inner sleeve
Canadian version (1975) - back
Australian version (1975) - back
New Zealand version (1975) - inner gatefold (with late 1971 line-up pic)
Japanese insert 1
Japanese insert 2
Japanese poster front
Japanese poster back

Most of the vinyl labels referred to 'The Demented Man' and 'Magnu' as 'The Demented King' and 'Magno', but there were some particularly interesting interpretations of the titles from Greece...

Greek version (1975) - back
Detail of Greek titles


The UK cassette version added 'Warriors' to the end of side 1 (and also listed 'The Demented King' and 'Magno'), while Portugal swapped 'The Wizard Blew His Horn' for 'Kings Of Speed'.

UK cassette version (1975)
Portuguese cassette version (1975)


The US 8-track version really went to town on the track listing...

US 8-track version (1975) - front
US 8-track version (1975) - back