Hawkwind: Do Not Panic. Great documentary made for the BBC by Tim Cumming & Simon Chu, which includes interviews with Nik Turner, Lemmy, Michael Moorcock, Terry Ollis, Simon House and Doug Smith. First shown on BBC4, 30 March 2007.

I'm In A Rock'n'Roll Band. Six-part series in which someone managed to persuade the elusive Stacia Blake to appear on camera and talk about dancing with Hawkwind. Lemmy also features, though probably took a good deal less persuasion. First shown on BBC2, 22 May 2010.

Top Ten: Prog Rock. Part of a series of 'top ten' music genre docs made for Channel 4, first shown 3 March 2001. Hawkwind - including interviews with Dave Brock, Nik Turner and Lemmy - feature from 5:25.

Hells Angels - London. Referenced in DOTU, this is a terrific BBC documentary from 1973 following the mundane lives of a chapter of London Hells Angels. Watch out for a brief appearance of The Hawkwind Log at 5:46.

Glastonbury Fayre. Directed by Nic Roeg and released in 1972, this is a film about the staging of the previous year's festival, featuring footage from around the site as well as of various performances - though unfortunately, not Hawkwind's. However, watch the impromptu marching band at the start, and you'll see (from 1:38), Robert Calvert playing a drum (screen left, in shades) and Nik Turner bringing up the rear playing flute. Also, check what's on the back of Calvert's jacket at 2:33...

New Horizons: The Alternative Society. Also referenced in DOTU, this is another excellent BBC documentary about Ladbroke Grove and the countercultural way of life. First shown 24 May 1971, it includes interviews with Richard Neville (OZ), Alan Marcuson (Friends) and Caroline Coon (Release), and is narrated by Harvey Matusow. It also features brief appearances from Nik Turner and Dave Anderson (from 3.51) and Barney Bubbles (from 8.06).

Getting It Straight In Notting Hill Gate. Made in 1970 by former Pink Floyd lights operator Jo Gannon, this is a fascinating snapshot of Hawkwind's contemporary stamping ground. It includes Larry Smart, who decorated the band's gear and helped to design Atomhenge. It also features Quintessence playing inside All Saints Church Hall, site of Hawkwind's first official gig.

Buskers Rehearsal For Concert. Silent footage of the acts preparing for the Buskers Concert at the Albert Hall (29 January 1969), with Dave Brock visible in the background, sitting on the window and yawning his head off at one point - later on, there's a close-up as he applauds the jester...

På marked i London. Made in 1968 by NRK, Norway's national broadcaster, this doc takes a look around Portobello Road and comes across Dave Brock and his busking partner Bob Southern playing 'Salty Dog Blues' (from 1.30).