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About The Book

Joe Banks

Strange Attractor Press

£22 PB Standard Edition/£50 HB Special Edition
496 pp. approx
ISBN: 9781907222849
Approx 150 BW & colour images

Paperback published 13 October 2020 - BUY IT HERE

Avatars of the underground, figureheads of the free festival scene and heralds of punk, Hawkwind were one of the bands that defined the 1970s. At the height of their artistic and commercial powers, Hawkwind channelled and amplified the era’s psychic tenor via a science fiction sensibility, mind-blowing visuals, and their unique brand of deep space psychedelia.

As well as being an in-depth primer to the music of their classic years, Days Of The Underground explores the ideas and concepts that fuelled Hawkwind during this period, and speaks to the crew that manned the ship.

The book’s cover is illustrated by Hawkwind artist John Coulthart. Discover the inspirations behind it here.

Cover 2.jpg

The hardback Special Edition of the book was limited to 500 copies and is now SOLD OUT. It included the following additional items:

  • Sideways Through Time: An Oral History Of Hawkwind In The 1970s – a 200 page companion volume of interviews, including DikMik, Nik Turner, Michael Moorcock, Stacia Blake, Alan Powell, Paul Rudolph, Adrian Shaw, Harvey Bainbridge, Andrew Lauder, Doug Smith, Jeff Dexter, Jonathan Smeeton and many more

  • A print of Michael Moorcock & Jim Cawthorn’s ‘Sonic Assassins’ comic strip from Frendz

  • Postcards featuring unseen pictures from the ‘Space Ritual’ photo shoot by Laurie Lewis

  • An enamel badge based on John Coulthart's hawk design

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