Dedicated Hawkwind Resources

The Plastic Fragment Of A Child's Toy - excellent resource curated by Stephen Dunthorne, which includes transcripts  of press cuttings and scans/images of programmes, tickets and badges. A recent update seems to have broken many of the pages, but you should be able to view everything via the archived link above.


Spirit Of The P/age - written and compiled by Knut Gerwers, this is a career-spanning Robert Calvert resource packed with commentary, interviews and quotes. It hasn't been updated since 2012, but is still live.

Starfarer’s Hawkwind Page - the best of the original online resources, Steve Youles' "less-than-reverent fan site" was a vital source of information during the writing of DOTU, particularly its extensive press cuttings transcripts. No longer live, but can be accessed via the link above.

The Hawkwind Museum - run by Dave Law, this site eventually morphed into the official Hawkwind site, but before then, it was another smorgasbord of info, cuttings and ephemera which can be accessed via the link above.

Hawkwind Daze - Japanese fan site run by Koh Futami, still live and updated regularly. Some interesting info and pics re Hawkwind's Japanese releases here.


There are a number of lively and informative Facebook fan groups out there, with much sharing of images, memories and music. They include: Hawkwind Fans Worldwide; Hawkwind And Related Album History; Brian Tawn’s SCRIBE (Hawkfan); Robert Calvert; The Hawkwind Bootleg Emporium.

There's also the official Hawkwind forum.

Other Hawkwind-related Links

Group X: In Search Of Hawkwind - Jim Skinner's psychogeographic tour around Hawkwind's Notting Hill.

Sonic Assassins blog - online companion to Ian Abrahams' book, including track references for every album.

Gnawing Medusa’s Flesh: The Science Fiction Poetry Of Robert Calvert - what it says, written by SF poet Steve Sneyd & David Jones.

The Golden Void (1970-1975) - originally published in 1991 as a Hawkfrendz booklet, Allen Ashley's personal take on Hawkwind's music from this period is very readable and quite insightful. Hard copies may still be available from Allen here.

Nick Calvert's soundcloud page - Robert's son has posted some fascinating stuff here, including a number of radio interviews with Hawkwind from the 70s.

Paul Hayles blog - features a fantastic and very detailed account of Paul's tenure as Hawkwind's keyboard player during their March 1978 US tour.

Too Late To Be A Viking - entertaining memoir from Inner City Unit bassist G.P. Wayne about the band's 1979 tour with Sham 69.

Do not panic: Hawkwind, the Cold War and “the imagination of disaster” - ever wondered how Susan Sontag fits into Hawkwind's universe? An intriguing academic paper by Erin Ihde.

Also Of Interest

International Times archive

OZ archive

New Worlds archive

Friends/Frendz site

Cries From The Midnight Circus: Ladbroke Grove 1967-78 - sleevenotes by Nigel Cross from the album of the same name, providing a useful overview of the Notting Hill music scene contemporary to Hawkwind 

UK Rock Festivals 1960-1990 & UK Free Festivals 1969-1990 - comprehensive fan site featuring numerous recollections of Hawkwind playing live in the 70s.

Moorcock's Miscellany - extensive forum dedicated to Michael Moorcock's works and interests

Feuilleton - blog by Hawkwind artist and DOTU cover illustrator John Coulthart

David Wills blog - friend of Barney Bubbles, including many BB-related posts

Paul Gorman blog - biographer of Barney Bubbles 

Strange Attractor Press - publisher of DOTU and many other exciting countercultural and esoteric titles!