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Days Of The Underground isn’t a standard music biography, so a few words of explanation... Roughly speaking, there are four types of ‘chapter’ in the book:

[CHRONOLOGY] A year-by-year overview of and commentary on Hawkwind’s progress through the 1970s, including analyses of every non-album and relevant solo recording released or broadcast at the time
[ALBUMS] A track-by-track, in-depth look at each album, from Hawkwind to Levitation
[ESSAYS] A series of think pieces on Hawkwind’s musical and cultural impact on the 1970s and beyond, from psychedelia to science fiction, myth-making to punk
[INTERVIEWS] Conducted 2016-19 with key members of the Hawkwind crew 

And this is what's inside:

A Note On The Text

[INTRODUCTION] In Visions Of Acid, We Saw Through Delusion
[CHRONOLOGY] 1969: Standing On The Runway
[ESSAY] The Death And Resurrection Of British Psychedelia: Reigniting The Flames Of The Experimental 60s
[CHRONOLOGY] 1970: Hundreds Of People Like You And Me
[ALBUM] Hawkwind
[ESSAY] The Origins Of Space Rock: Parallels And Precursors To The Hawkwind Sound
[CHRONOLOGY] 1971: Charged With Cosmic Energy
[ALBUM] In Search Of Space
[INTERVIEW] Nik Turner
[ESSAY] The Making Of A People's Band: A Brief Trip Through The British Counterculture, Arriving At Ladbroke Grove
[CHRONOLOGY] 1972: The Other Side Of The Sky
ALBUM] Doremi Fasol Latido

[CHRONOLOGY] 1973: We Were Born To Blow The Human Mind
ALBUMSpace Ritual

[INTERVIEW] Michael Moorcock
[ESSAY] Radical Escapism In The Age Of Paranoia: How Hawkwind Channelled The Apocalyptic Mindset Of 1970s Britain
[CHRONOLOGY] 1974: World Turned Upside Down Now
ALBUM] Hall Of The Mountain Grill
[INTERVIEW] Stacia Blake
[CHRONOLOGY] 1975: We're Tired Of Making Love
ALBUM] Warrior On The Edge Of Time
[INTERVIEW] Doug Smith
[ESSAY] Existing In A Genre Of One: Hawkwind In Context Of The Pre-Punk British Rock Scene
[CHRONOLOGY] 1976: Maybe It Was Only An Hallucination
ALBUM] Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music
INTERVIEW] Paul Rudolph
[INTERVIEW] Alan Powell
[CHRONOLOGY] 1977: Your Android Replica Is Playing Up Again
ALBUM] Quark, Strangeness And Charm
[INTERVIEW] Adrian Shaw 
[ESSAY] Cosmic Dada Nihilismus! The Hawkwind Mythos And The Space Age Re-Enchanted
[CHRONOLOGY] 1978: Give Yourself To Gravity
ALBUM] Hawklords/25 Years On

[INTERVIEW] Pamela Townley

[ESSAY] New Worlds And Dangerous Visions: Hawkwind As The Ultimate Science Fiction Band

[CHRONOLOGY] 1979: I Hope You've Brought Your Credit Card With You


[ESSAY] Countdown To Year Zero: Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's Hawkwind

[CHRONOLOGY] 1980: No Cause For A Deviation

[ALBUM] Live Seventy Nine

[ALBUM] Levitation

[INTERVIEW] Harvey Bainbridge

[AFTERWORD] Looking In The Future

[APPENDIX 1] Hawkwind And Related UK Discography 1970—1980

[APPENDIX 2] BBC Sessions In The 1970s

[APPENDIX 3] A Miscellany Of 70s Songs Released Post-1980

[APPENDIX 4] A 70s Filmography

[APPENDIX 5] Further Listening

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