Space Ritual

Vinyl variants

The undisputed most desirable vinyl variant is the Japanese version of Space Ritual, which not only had the fold-out sleeve, but also came with a lyrics & information insert-cum-booklet and a full colour poster.

Japanese version (1973)
Front of booklet
Booklet pages
Booklet pages

The fold-out sleeve was used in nearly all territories, except Australia and New Zealand, where it was issued as a gatefold.

Australian inner gatefold (1973)


As well as radically changing the running order to make the sides equal, the cassette version of Space Ritual displays the same attention to detail as the Doremi version. 'Space Is Deep' and 'Time We Left This World Today' are missing their full titles, 'Electronic No. 1' is missing its number, and '7 By 7' has become 'Seven Times Seven'. 'Poem' is added to the start of 'The Awakening', but none of the other spoken word pieces. And 'Earth Calling' is missed off altogether (though presumably still present on the tape given the timings).

Cassette version with altered running order (1973)


The UK 8-track replicates the cassette order and its listing errors.

UK 8-track - front
UK 8-track - back

The US 8-track retains the album's running order and uses the full title from the label: The Space Ritual Alive In Liverpool And London. The quoted timings are either wrong or the tracks have been edited...

US 8-track case - front
US 8-track case - back
US 8-track - front
8-track variant

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