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Radio Times

Hear Hawkwind speak over the airwaves! And other bits and bobs...

Nik Turner - Triad Radio, Chicago (1974)

Nik doing promo - kind of - during one of Hawkwind's American tours in 1974, and facing some incisive questioning (err, no). Possibility that drugs were involved.

Dave Brock, Nik Turner & Paul Rudolph - BBC Radio London (1976)

Interview with the Astounding Sounds line-up on Steve Bradshaw's Breakthrough programme, July '76. You can already tell that Dave isn't keen on the album... (Thanks Bryan Pitkin)

Simon King - Radio Trent, Nottingham (1976)

Another interview pre-ASAM with Chris Baird at Radio Trent (my local radio station when I was a kid!). Despite being for a Nottingham audience, Simon explains why, yet again, they aren't playing the city on their upcoming tour... (Thanks Bryan)

Dave Brock & Robert Calvert - Capital Radio, London (1977)

Tommy Vance lets Brock and Calvert interview themselves, exchanging some "revolutionary chit-chat" while vaguely trying to advertise Quark. Very funny... Broadcast 16 June 1977. (Thanks Richard Blandford)

US radio ad for Quark, Strangeness And Charm (1977)

Funny to hear Hawkwind advertised like a major label unit shifter... Originally included on the fifth Weird Tape, and presumably the reason for its withdrawal and reissue without it, given that the ad features snippets from the album.

Robert Calvert - BBC Radio Manchester (1977)

A special feature about Hawkwind on Radio Manchester's Reflections programme. Much talk from Robert about "friction" within past line-ups of the band, but everything's fine now... (Thanks Richard Blandford)

Robert Calvert - Piccadilly Radio, Manchester (1978)

Robert tries to explain why Hawkwind are now called the Hawklords, and why the band is no longer a "workers' co-operative". Broadcast 19 December 1978. (Thanks again Richard!)

Dave Brock & Simon King - BBC Radio 1 (1980)

Interviewed by Tommy Vance, Dave and Simon talk about why they're now Hawkwind again ahead of Live Seventy Nine's release. Recorded 12 July 1980 ahead of their gig at Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone. (Thanks again Bryan!)

In Search Of Barney Bubbles - BBC Radio 4 (2012)

Documentary on the pioneering graphic designer and illustrator who created classic Hawkwind's visual identity. Nik Turner is featured throughout, starting at 7:06. First broadcast 2 January 2012.


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