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Quark, Strangeness And Charm

Vinyl variants

Very minor differences: some territories came with the picture inner sleeve, some didn't, while Canada had it as a black & white insert. No Japanese release.

Canadian insert 1
Canadian insert 2


All (official) versions retained the correct running order. The UK version wins the design prize, though who's this Richard Calvert bloke?

UK cassette version (1977) - outer
UK cassette version - inner
German cassette version (1977)
US Sire cassette version (1977)
Unknown variant cassette (1977)
Indonesian bootleg... err, wrong cover, missing track, extra tracks etc


However, you can still rely on the 8-track to mangle the track listing - and there appears to be a scrawl on this version ;-)

US 8-track version (1977)


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