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In Search Of Space

Vinyl variants

The most desirable vinyl issue remains the UK version, with its die-cut fold-out sleeve and The Hawkwind Log booklet - this version was also released in North America and various European territories. However, Japan produced an interesting gatefold variant which included an insert with lyrics and sleeve notes.

Japanese gatefold and insert (1971)
Japanese lyric insert

In other territories, it was released in a single sleeve, with a variety of back covers.

Australian version - back with lyrics (1972)
Israeli version - back (1971)
Spanish version - back (1973)
South African version - back with lyrics (1971)

The Spanish version is also notable for translating the song titles and including 'Silver Machine', making side 1 of the album over 27 minutes long.

Spanish label - side 1 (1973)
Spanish label - side 2 (1973)


Presumably to make the sides as equal as possible, the UK cassette version once again changed the running order. Note that the spine gives the title as X In Search Of Space.

Cassette version with altered running order (1971)

Alternative UK cassette version (1971)
Australian cassette version (1973)
New Zealand cassette version (1972)


The UK 8-track has the same running order as the cassette - but mistitles the opening track as 'You Should Do That'. And the cartridge gives the title as Xin Search Of Space.

UK 8-track - back (1971)

UK 8-track - front and edge (1971)

The US version of the 8-track has a different running order from both the vinyl album and the UK cassette/8-track. Nice rendering of the title.

US 8-track - front (1972)
US 8-track - back (1972)

And here's a mystery variant, supposedly a UK issue, but with the US running order.

8-track variant - front (1972?)


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