Hawkwind Compiled

Let's take a look at the times that Hawkwind tracks appeared on sampler/compilation albums around Europe in the '70s... (Click images to enlarge and read sleeve notes etc)

Pop 2000 - France (1970)

The first album to compile Hawkwind was this French Liberty sampler, which selected the uncompromising 'Paranoia pt 2' from their debut LP.

All Good Clean Fun - UK (1971)

This was the only UK compilation during the 1970s to feature a track taken from a pre-existing Hawkwind record, "An Excerpt" of 'Be Yourself', an edit that's unique to this album.

Electric Rock 71 - Germany (1971)

Another splendidly packaged Liberty sampler, with 'Hurry On Sundown' compiled on the same side as Amon Düül II's 'Between The Eyes' and The Can's 'Mushroom'.

Greasy Truckers Party - UK (1972)

Recorded live at the Roundhouse, 13 February 1972, this is an album which needs no introduction. Notable for including Robert Calvert's first vinyl appearance with the band on 'Born To Go', which itself is recorded here for the first time. The other Hawkwind track on the original LP is 'Master Of The Universe'. Released in a limited edition of 20,000, it sold out quickly and would subsequently become a much sought after item by collectors.

Revelations: A Musical Anthology For Glastonbury Fayre - UK (1972)

Another legendary album including a legendary Hawkwind recording, the original version of 'Silver Machine' from the Greasy Truckers gig, along with 'Welcome To The Future'. Came in a spectacularly ornate Barney Bubbles-designed sleeve.

Robert Calvert (in shades) playing the drum (from the booklet that came with the album)

Happy UA Tournee - Netherlands (1973)

Great sleeve on this one, a United Artists sampler opened by 'Silver Machine', from the naughty boys in the back of the bus...

20 Top Hits - Germany (1974)

A bog standard high street hits comp - but this seems to be the only such album that Hawkwind, with of course 'Silver Machine', appeared on during the '70s (other than this DJ only promo album from Italy).

The Charisma Festival - Germany (1977)

Another label sampler, but this time during the Charisma era. The tracks selected are 'Kerb Crawler' and 'Back On The Streets'. Note that it also features Calvert collaborator Adrian Wagner.

Rock On! - Sweden (1977)

This is a curious item, and one of a series of such albums released in Sweden, where two artists shared a side each, in this case Charisma labelmates Hawkwind and Van Der Graaf (Generator). HW and VDG did do a short co-headlining tour together in Germany around this time, but not in Sweden... Hawkwind tracks are 'Damnation Alley', 'Quark, Strangeness And Charm', 'Days Of The Underground' and ' Kerb Crawler'.