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Hawklords / 25 Years On

Vinyl variants

Again, only minor differences between territories. Some came with a picture inner, some didn't. There was some extra pink detailing on the back of the Scandinavian sleeve (which was also used on the 1982 UK reissue). And of course, the Japanese version came with an insert featuring sleeve notes and lyrics.

Scandinavian version (1978) - back
Japanese insert

However, promo copies of the album exist with the front and back images swapped. Note how the superimposed lines on the 'factory' remain on the back.


The vinyl running order was retained. The Australian version emphasises the 25 Years On title.

UK cassette version (1978)
Australian cassette version (1979)


The 8-track also retained the vinyl order, but couldn't resist correcting the spelling of 'Automoton'. This was the last Hawkwind album to appear on 8-track.

8-track version (1978) - front
8-track version - back


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