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Doremi Fasol Latido

Vinyl variants

Originally mooted as a gatefold, Doremi was released in the UK and most other territories in a single sleeve. However, it was issued as a gatefold in Japan and South Africa - the two territories where Hawkwind records continued to be released by Liberty (as opposed to United Artists). The Japanese version included an insert with sleeve notes and lyrics - it also added 'Silver Machine' to the start of side 1.

Japanese release with OBI strip and insert (1972)
Japanese insert with lyrics
Japanese insert with OBI strip
Japanese label - side 1

The image in the inner gatefold was taken from the UK release's inner sleeve - the Japanese version is rendered darker than the South African's. The outer gatefold reveals that the starfield on the front continues onto the back.

Japanese inner gatefold
South African outer gatefold (1972)
South African inner gatefold


For no apparent reason, sides 1 & 2 were swapped on the cassette version. 'Brainstorm' is written as two words. And 'Space Is Deep' and 'The Watcher' are missing from the flap listing. The blue and yellow rendering is quite nice though.

Cassette version with flipped running order (1972)


The songs are chopped up across programmes, but the 8-track version retained the album's running order. It also retained the misspelling of Lemmy's first name, while adding an 'n' to his surname.

8-track version (1972) - front
8-track version (1972) - back

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