Roadhawks was mixed by Dave Brock to be a seamless listening experience - but inevitably, the cassette and 8-track versions of the album put paid to that. The cassette changes the running order, while the 8-track slices everything up...

Roadhawks cassette (1976)
Roadhawks 8-track (1976)

In Germany, Roadhawks was re-released in 1980 as part of EMI Electrola's 'Masterpiece' series in a deeply unpleasant sleeve.

German reissue (1980) - front
German reissue - back

Repeat Performance

In Australia, Charisma's Repeat Performance compilation was issued as part of the 'Rock Legends' series in a slightly more palatable sleeve.

Australian version (1980) - front
Australian version - back

Days Of The Underground is an in-depth primer to the music of Hawkwind in the 1970s. It also explores the ideas and concepts that fuelled the band during this period, and speaks to the crew that manned the ship.