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The UK version of Roadhawks came with a splendid poster of Bob Searles' sleeve illustration (which was based on a previous Barney Bubbles design) and a Doremi shield sticker.

Roadhawks poster
Doremi shield sticker

Roadhawks was mixed by Dave Brock to be a seamless listening experience - but inevitably, the cassette and 8-track versions of the album put paid to that. The cassette changes the running order, while the 8-track slices everything up...

Roadhawks cassette (1976)
Roadhawks 8-track (1976)

In Germany, Roadhawks was re-released in 1980 as part of EMI Electrola's 'Masterpiece' series in a deeply unpleasant sleeve.

German reissue (1980) - front
German reissue - back

Repeat Performance

In Australia, Charisma's Repeat Performance compilation was issued as part of the 'Rock Legends' series in a slightly more palatable sleeve.

Australian version (1980) - front
Australian version (1980) - back


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