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Before (and After) They Were Hawkwind

It's ironic given the paucity of Hawkwind celluloid from the 1970s that there's actually more footage available of members in previous bands than when they were onboard the mothership itself. So here's a collection of films showing what various people were up to prior to joining Hawkwind, plus a few of what they did afterwards...

Dave Brock (1968)

Here's Dave and busking partner Bob Southern playing 'Salty Dog Blues' on Portobello Road, from the Norwegian TV doc På marked i London (which you can watch in full here).

Michael Moorcock (1968)

A dapper if slightly distracted Mike Moorcock talking about a book he was writing on popular culture which never came out. Some very interesting opinions expressed! Part of this series of interviews.

Dave Anderson (1969)

As the rest of Amon Düül II rampage through 'Phallus Dei', that's Dave Anderson in shades and red trousers standing sheepishly at the back, visible from 11:00 onwards.

Lemmy (1969)

Or rather Ian Willis as he was known at the time as a member of Sam Gopal. Here he is floating down the Thames, miming to 'Sky Is Burning' for French TV's Forum Musiques and looking every inch the future rock god.

Paul Rudolph (1969)

Tremendous footage here of The Deviants (or Dee-Vye-Ents according to the Austrian voiceover) playing a free gig in Hyde Park, with a very cool looking Paul 'Blackie' Rudolph on blistering guitar and leather trousers.

Simon King (1970)

When his group Opal Butterfly did the theme song to grubby exploitation flick Groupie Girl, Simon was drafted in to play 'Neil' in the band Sweaty Betty. Acting's loss was drumming's gain... (Watch the whole thing here, Simon appearing from 50:30 onwards)

Simon House (1971)

Filmed for German TV, this is presumably quite soon after Simon had joined Third Ear Band following the dissolution of High Tide. Nice shirt.

Simon House (1972)

Simon again in Third Ear Band, but this is an incredible piece of footage, as he looks exactly as he did when he first joined Hawkwind - and he's playing a VCS3 (from 2:10). Taken from the ILEA schools programme (!) Music Alive.

Simon House (1972)

The second track from the Music Alive session, Simon starts it off with some VCS3 wind, then violin from 2:15. Incidentally, these two tracks feature Pete Pavli on bass, Simon's ex-High Tide bandmate who would go on to work with both Mike Moorcock and Robert Calvert.

Alan Powell (1974)

Filmed just a few months before he temporarily took over from Simon King (and then stayed for the next two years), here's Alan playing with Vinegar Joe on Germany's Musikladen. Best views of Alan near the start. (To watch the video, click here)

Al Matthews (1975)

A highly-decorated Vietnam vet and former member of Richie Havens' band, Al played congas on stage with Hawkwind from 1973 to 1975. But here he is on Top Of The Pops, performing his top 20 hit 'Fool' in September 1975.

Steve Swindells (1976)

Steve is stage right in this Super Pop Pilot special, but once he makes it onto camera at 3:09, there's plenty more shots. He's particularly animated at 8:40, though this only emphasises that he's completely inaudible throughout... However, he then joins the backing singers from 23:10.

Huw Lloyd-Langton (1976)

Sadly, the Old Grey Whistle Test show from New Year's Eve 1974 with Huw playing in Leo Sayer's band seems to have been removed from YouTube. But instead, here he is on OGWT with Widowmaker (24 Feb 1976).

Simon House (1978)

As you'd expect, there's quite a few films available of Simon playing with David Bowie on his Isolar II world tour. But this performance on Musikladen (in glorious HD) is rather special, with Simon in angelic white and shades looking very cool.

Tim Blake (1979)

Here's an interview with Tim and performance on French TV, promoting his Blake's New Jerusalem album, and just prior to joining Hawkwind. And here's another great clip of Tim explaining sequencing in French...

Robert Calvert (1979)

Silicon Teens were a fake band created by Mute Records supremo Daniel Miller. The video for their 'Memphis Tennessee' single was set onboard the Titanic - with the captain played by Robert Calvert, a friend of the director. (For better quality, watch Synth Britannia from 35:25)

Ginger Baker (1980)

After taking a break from live music for three years, Ginger put together a new band and did a European tour as Ginger Baker's Energy. But after that fell apart, he got a call from Hawkwind... (You can hear all about it here from 1:17:45)

Nik Turner & Robert Calvert (1985)

It's outside of the DOTU timeline, but this terrific performance of Nik Turner's Inner City Unit with Robert Calvert is fantastic and has far too few views! (This would have been only a few months after Nik was kicked out of Hawkwind for the second time...)


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