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Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music

Vinyl variants

Apart from the UK version of ASAM being the only one with a picture inner, the main difference in most territories was the inclusion of the band's name on the front cover - it might have crashed the design, but at least you knew whose album it was. (Early versions of the UK release flip the front and back covers to address this perceived issue.) There was also some creative re-titling on the Irish and Canadian labels!

Dutch version (1976) - front
Canadian version (1976) - label

And of course, the Japanese version came with an insert. Note that it's the only release that correctly attributes 'City Of Lagoons' to Alan Powell and 'Chronoglide Skyway' to Simon House. Also note the phonetic translation of some of the lyrics!

Japanese insert 1
Japanese insert 2


The UK cassette version inserts the band's name a little more elegantly, using the logo from the vinyl's back cover. But it then mucks up the running order...

UK cassette version (1976) - outer
UK cassette version - inner


Ironically, given the reference in 'Kerb Crawler' to an "eight-track stereo", it doesn't look like an 8-track version of ASAM exists (possibly because the album failed to get a US release).


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