About Me

I write about music, and have variously persuaded The Guardian, MOJO, Prog, Shindig!, The Quietus and Rock & Folk to publish my ravings. You can read a selection of them here and here.

So why have I written a book about Hawkwind?


As any fan will confirm, once you're hooked, Hawkwind are a habit that's impossible to shake. It began with my older brother's copy of Warrior On The Edge Of Time, a record that both entranced and terrified me as a kid. And when I got Space Ritual out of the local library (plus numerous Michael Moorcock novels), my fate was sealed... 


I believe that Hawkwind are one of the most important bands of the 1970s. Days Of The Underground is my attempt to explain why the music they made during this decade is so unique, how it influenced generations of bands to come, and why it continues to excite and fascinate legions of fans to this day.

Days Of The Underground is an in-depth primer to the music of Hawkwind in the 1970s. It also explores the ideas and concepts that fuelled the band during this period, and speaks to the crew that manned the ship.