Hall Of The Mountain Grill

Vinyl variants

As usual, the Japanese version of HOTMG came with a lyric and sleeve notes insert. Not all territories included the printed inner sleeve, with some reproducing the missing information on the back cover.

Japanese version (1974)
Australian version (1974) - back

HOTMG received the widest release of any Hawkwind record so far, including a number of South American countries, where the song titles were translated.

Argentinian version with translated title (1975) - front
Uraguayan version (1976) - back
Argentinian version label - side 1
Argentinian version label - side 2


This is the first cassette version to duplicate the actual running order of the album - we can forgive the misspelling of 'Lost Johnny' (and Lemmy's surname again).

Cassette version (1974)
German variant (1974)


However, you could always rely on the 8-track to mix things up. The running order of the UK version is the same as the album and cassette...

UK 8-track version - front
UK 8-track version - back

But the US version not only mangles the running order, it also renames the album!

US 8-track - front
US 8-track - back
8-track variant with yet another running order

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